Friday, July 10, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year.

Most people think Christmas/ Winter. Not so much. It's actually Summer. I love Summer. We have had a great one so far too.


Eric's transition from Long's to CVS ( RIte Aide needs to take down their lame banners already)
Jack swimming. No floating devices attached
Audrey asking every few days when the baby is going to be born instead of hourly
Me, finally deciding on a direction for our guest bedroom. (Sounds ridiculous I know, but ridiculous is painting 3x before I liked it)
Jack and I talking Eric into buying a Wii ; )
J & A learning to play Go Fish and Uno.
Jack's 5th Birthday
Audrey talking Jack into riding a Small World and other rides because he was so scared! (Due to the La earthquakes they had to do a ride checks " to make sure it hadn't been damaged in the earthquake.") Thanks for mentioning that to my 5yr safety patrol.
Our garden has been plentiful
Growing out Audrey's bangs
Equipment for the park across the street has been ordered.
Our shy little Audrey agreeing to participate in dance. Before when we would ask about dance, gymnastics etc. She'd say " No thanks, I'd rather stay home. " ; )
Reading Breaking Dawn, finally


Find an IKEA Gulliver crib in white, in stock!
Coming up with some solid name options for this baby
Trying to get caught up on my photo albums before I am one more child behind.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's a girl!

So we found out today we are having a girl! OR so the technician "thought". She couldn't/wouldn't give me an absolute because she doesn't want to be accountable in case she is wrong. BUT she was pretty darn sure it's a girl. My sweet boy who wanted a brother was thrown off when they said it's a girl. He leaned over and asked Eric " when are they going to tell us what we are really having?" ;) All Audrey wanted to know was "is it coming out today?!" So there were a couple of disappointments but overall great news. I am excited have a girl and Augs to have a little friend when Jack goes to school. Jack has been praying for months and months for a brother, pre-pregnancy even. The other night after prayers he said "Mom, I just saw our baby and it's not a boy, it's a girl." I guess he was right, and some one upstairs knew he might need some extra convincing. It's been a few hours since the news has settled in and he is as excited as ever. He gets to be the big brave brother and take care of 2 little sisters and he still gets Dad all to himself for baseball trips. Eric and I are thrilled to have a healthy baby girl on the way!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Baby #3

So we are having a baby! The due date is Sept. 18th. We are all quite excited for our new little family member to arrive. Jack keeps checking my stomach to see if it's grown since the last time he checked... and he only found out yesterday. Audrey has kept a doll and or stuffed animal up her shirt and has given birth multiple times in the last 24 hrs as well. Jack and Audrey were both born while Eric was in Pharmacy school. We moved apartments when I was 8 months pregnant with Jack & Eric and I were both in school. Eric graduated when Auggie was 2 months and we moved again when she was 3 months. It was challenging although we wouldn't have had it any other way. This time around I am excited to have a home and be settled when this baby arrives. I've always wanted to do the fancy nursery thing but I shared a room from the time I was born and wouldn't change those talks and memories for anything either. So pretty soon Jack or Audrey will have a roommate. Guess which sex they are each pulling for??? ;) Well that is our big news! Artwork by Jack

Saturday, February 28, 2009


So we had the busiest month! We visited Christy up in Sacramento and we were able to see some more CA state parks to cross off our map. Woohooo! (An E.Healy family goal) I got my purse stolen from my car. Initially my keys were stolen first right from under me at Eric's Basketball game. Then they found my car. Oh dear if I ever meet that nasty lady that we think stole them.... Of course the following days included re-keying our house, trips to the DMV, dozens of phone calls canceling cards switching accounts. It was just one big mess. As we were driving home I called my cousin/ neighbor Kelly to make sure nobody was at our house!! Since they could have had the time to get there with my keys and address from my license. So of course Jack was quite disturbed by that and is still cautious about going upstairs or downstairs by himself. The ripple effect to say the least.
We flew to SLC to see Eric's b.f. get married! yay! It was a beautiful wedding and reception although it was quite a chilly day. Eric was able to spend some time with old friends from High School. Always a good idea.

Audrey turned 3 on our short trip to UT. We spent the day at Discovery Zone Gateway and Build A Bear. Fun! Of course when we got to the airport there was chaos about us getting on our flight. It wouldn't be a flight at all if things went smoothly for us. Although, it still beats I-80. Eric might beg to differ. ;)

We came back and Eric had to work Valentine's Day having taken off days for the wedding. So it was just another day until I got flowers! They were beautiful. When Eric got home we ordered Chinese and had a lovely dinner with the 4 of us.

The next day we had Audreys P-p-party! We had her favorite dinner... Mac n cheese and salad. I had to add some pulled pork sandwiches to the menu for the adults in case Kraft mac and cheese didn't suit their fancy. She is just the sweetest thing. She and her little friends "Kenzie", "Jilly" and "Reecer" had fun playing with her new kitchen and doll bunk bed. She is such a love bug and I can not believe she is 3!

Last but not least to make a long story short. Jack and Audrey have had colds/coughs since the trip. So I finally took them in just to be checked, expecting the "it'll take it's course bit" we have antibiotics for 2 eye infections, 3 ear infections, an inhaler and mild phnemonia. Things seem to be slowing down. We have no other option!
;) Here's to March!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday!

Audrey turns 3 on Friday February 13th! She is our Little Miss Sunshine. She loves to nurture anything/anyone, she has theee greatest facial expressions, she would rather be on the tea-cups at Disneyland than anywhere else in the world, she adores her Daddy, loves to snuggle with her Mommy and Jack her very best friend & her favorite thing to eat is macaroni and cheese and salad. We love you Auggie! Happy Birthday!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


So tonight we were at Eric's basketball game at the church stake center in Modesto. I decided to keep my purse under my car seat knowing I would basically be chasing kids and didn't want to bother with it. I set my keys down by my chair next to the rest of the random clothes, jerseys and garb that hangs out on the stage during the basketball game. There were several families there watching too and a whole slew of kids.

When it came time to leave my keys were no where to be found. Eric drove separately coming straight from work so luckily he had a spare key. I can not stand losing things, like most everyone I know. I went back into the building twice to check. I asked Eric to go back and check one more time while I waited in the car with the kiddos. I reached under my chair to grab my purse anxious for the In n Out Burger run that was about to take place..... and GONESVILLE. Some person had taken my keys, found my car and stole my purse. At first I was just sick to my stomach...why didn't I put my keys in my pocket? why didn't i take my purse in?... who in the world had the audacity?

Another player had his keys stolen too. Only he doesn't have a spare key at all. He had to tow his car home before he could even see if anything was stolen. The burglar/loser was kind enough to lock it back for him. So first I was sick, then scared when I realized they could stroll on into our house. Then I was so angry. AND for the fact that they probably chucked my purse when they realized I didn't have any cash.

As I was driving home we saw a really bad wreck and then I realized I'd much rather be in my shoes than those shoes. When we called to make the report the Modesto police dept was at a code yellow. I guess there had been a multiple homicide so they weren't too concerned with car break ins. I think I would opt out of that situation too. Maybe a stolen purse isn't so bad? Jack was quite worried over hearing all the conversations that went on. But later said "Who ever did this did NOT choose the right. When the police catch him, he is going to jail for weeks!" Thank you CTR 5 class!

We spent 4ever on the phone canceling cards
In-N-Out was a candle in the wind.
I need my i.d. since we are flying to UT next week for a wedding!
My new flat iron was in my purse. Random. Don't ask.
Eric's spare key that cost $100 was on my key ring
That warm fuzzy feeling of helplessness.
It took quite a bit of consoling to undo Jack's worries
We need to redo our door locks

Good News
They didn't realize Eric's car was right next to mine
I happened to take out Jacks star wars guys before we left
Nobody had tried to use the cards
My Dad was willing to go back over with flashlights to look for my stuff in case they dumped it. Very sweet.
Jack and I had a good discussion about why it's important to CTR.
This encouraged Eric to buy a baseball bat.
a. I can cross it off his birthday/christmas list
b. It works on baseball, home invasions and aliens ( Have you seen the movie Signs? )
My fanny pack from 6th grade might be making a comeback.

Be careful out there. These are tuff times for people that do and do not CTR.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Respect the classics

So we happened to be flipping through the channels and the movie Across the Universe was on. (Musical w. all Beatles music) Not appropriate for kids BUT it was the finale & I stopped for a minute to watch the last scene of the movie where the guy is singing 'hey jude.' So i have loved the beatles for as long as I can remember. I wore the t shirts long before they turned into the cute Target vintage tee version. - Which looking back at my high school pics I'm not so sure if it was a good idea. Anyway! When the song was over Jack said "Mom. I hope you were recording that! That is my new favorite song!" We have since been listening to it repeatedly on my ipod. He's got a good handle on it and I will be glad when he has another song to perform besides the Weird Al version of "The Saga Begins." - Which he voluntarily performed at every Christmas party we attended singing/air guitar. Other favorites of Jack include, Another One Bites the Dust, Somebody to Love-Queen, I Can't Help Myself- the Four Tops. Love this boy's taste. ; )